Got your body on my mind, I want it BAD


★ Hair ★ Dela – Kelsey *Here*
★ Head ★ Genesis Lab – Jane  *Here*
★ Skin★ ฺฺGenesis Lab – Elisa *Here*
★ Body ★ ฺฺMaitreya – Lara *Here*
★ Hands & Feet★ ฺฺMaitreya – Lara *Here*
★ Dress★ – Safira – Claudia *Here* Available @ The Fantasy Collective *Thank You*
★ Heels★ Glamistry – LINARIA Heels *Here*  *Thank You*
★ Pose Left★ Foxcity –  Long Grass *Here*
★ Pose Right★ -TSH- Rockin’ that beach bod *Here*
★ Location★ Luanes Magical World  *Here*
Marketplace ★ Main Store ★ Facebook★ Flickr
Marketplace ★ Main Store ★ Flickr ★ Facebook

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