LOTD #356

Hi, Welcome Fashionistas! 

B O D Y (L E F T)
Face Skin: Tres Beau – Aurelia (Cocoa)
Body Skin: Itgirls – Queen Body Skin (Cocoa)
Head: Genus Project – Strong Face
Body: Legacy – Body
Hair: Stealthic – Shallow

O U T F I T (L E F T)
Outfit: Blossom & Seeds – Ananda @Uber

B O D Y (R I G H T)
Skin: Skinnery – Mycha (Honey)
Head: Genus Project – Baby Face
Body: Legacy – Body
Hair: Doux – Lulu

O U T F I T (R I G H T)
Outfit: Safira – Myra Dress @Cosmopolitan

Pose: Foxcity – Rebels Friend Bento Pose Set
Background: Focus – Santorini White Suite Backdrop

Thank you for visiting and hope to see you soon! 

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