I stay out too late….

This post includes Psychedelic Peas & Petit Chat’s entry into the InspirationSL Event. InspirationSL runs 18th June and ends on 1st September. Petit Chat bring this 100% Original mesh necklace and earrings, The anchor set are adorable, it comes with a colour HUD with 8 color options for the metals, 8 for the shells, 8 for the…… Continue reading I stay out too late….

Gambling, stealing, lots of sex appealing

This post includes irrISIStible and Lush from the InspirationSL Event. InspirationSL opens 18th June and Ends on 1st September. irrISIStible bring this gorgeous sailor outfit to the round! It comes in the colour you see pictured above as well as black, red and white, it comes with different attachable parts like the hat, and anchors and…… Continue reading Gambling, stealing, lots of sex appealing